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Cynthia Om
Raw Food Chef
Yoga Instructor

Cynthia was born in Michigan and had a love of art and nature from very early on in childhood. While attending Michigan State University she became a vegetarian because of her love of animals and went through an inner awakening. Cynthia asked herself one day, “What makes me happy?” Her answer was “being creative” and she embarked on a journey to the great Redwoods in Northern California to explore her deep appreciation for nature and her artistic vision.

It was there she learned about astrology and the power of living food.  She became friends with a woman who had cured herself of cancer through fasting and a raw food diet. Inspired, Cynthia dove into the healing powers of plants and whole uncooked food and began to realize the interconnection of all things; expressing this through her collage art and food preparation.  She has worked several years as a health coach, a private chef, and she had a vegan restaurant in Miami, FL called Om Garden.  Now she is a certified yoga teacher to further assist her clients to a well rounded healthy lifestyle.

Cynthia belives we are what we eat, we are dependent on our living environment, and that everything comes from the same source, God, Creator. Her passion lies in helping people be healthy and creating art. She wishes to bring the power of nurturing back to our awareness, so we may nurture ourselves, each other and our living Mother Earth.

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