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Far Infrared Sauna


Some of the supposed benefits of using an infrared sauna:

  • better sleep.

  • relaxation.

  • detoxification.

  • weight loss.

  • relief from sore muscles.

  • relief from joint pain such as arthritis.

  • clear and tighter skin.

  • improved circulation.

$20 for one 30 min. session. Includes towel, bathmat, washcloth, and detox scrub.  By appointment only.

Astrology Readings

  • Natal Chart Reading     $137

In this one hour reading you will understand the dynamics of your personality better. You will understand your focus in life, where your challenges for growth are and where blessings come through.

  • Astrological Health Reading     $167

Based on your astrological blue print you will see where the weak parts of your body are, what kind of exercise will best suit you, and you will receive a list of foods to assist your body to achieving maximum health.

  • Natal Reading with the Current Transits     $167
This is like getting the weather report. Know what energies are currently influencing your life. So you have a special question about love, work, or are just wondering why is life difficult? Receive guidance on the energies at play.
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